I know we probably haven't met YET, but we are about to become FRIENDSSS!!! If you didn't catch it, I am an extrovert who loves people. So fore warning, by the time we are done with our session, you're going to feel like we have known each other for years! Chances are I'm going to ask you a million questions about your life, we are going to laugh, and for a split second I'll forget I am supposed to take your photos lol. But, I promise we will get the shots! My focus is always to make you feel confident and relaxed during our time together. 

My personal style of shooting consists of giving you prompts that flow into natural movements, as well as some classic posed shots. I also will capture those candid moments that we all love to have! I can be as hands-on as you need / want me to be! Typically, within the first few minutes I will get an understanding of how much direction each session will need. 

Your Photographer / SUNset lover / ... and story teller

Hi, I'm Alexis!

I established my personal photography business in 2018 and have since then been documenting all of life’s precious moment for each of my friends (that includes you now lol). Fast forward to 2019, I met my husband through mutual friends and we knew that this was it. In 2020 we got engaged and in September of 2021 we got married. This past year, 2023, we just became parents to our sweet little girl, Selah (Say-luh) Grace.

When I’m not behind the camera, I’m likely at a friends birthday party, baby shower or a family party. Our calendar is always field with some type of celebration (not complaining at all)! I truly love celebrating the people in our life and being there for each one of them. Outside of that, being a new mom I’ve been practicing a lot of home making and being more present with my girl. Life is so sweet I don’t want to miss anything with my little family! 

 In short, I try to make the most out of every moment, combine that with my passion for capturing the real love and raw moments of life, and you get dreamy, warm, timeless images. Can't wait to see you at our next session! 

Little more about me..

Morning or evening person?
Summer,  baby!
Blonde Espresso
Summer or winter?
Ice Cream 
Bring the Action
Ice cream or cookies?
coffe or matcha gal?
rom com or action?
I really can be both. But I would say evening slightly wins!
Coffee is my jam, however in 2024 I am trying to cut back on the caffeine. I know it sounds crazy, so please say a prayer!
I liveee for action movies,
anything cartel, racing, war, or just a good Keanu Reeves movie I'm all in!!
I'm a November, Thanksgiving baby, but summer will always have my heart
  (secretly jealous of summer birthdays)
LOVE ICE CREAM more than anything lol!!
 My husband and I had a gelato bar at our wedding instead of cake since it was the closest thing to ice cream and it was 100/10, highly reccommend.  
This or that

Work with me >

Ready to capture the raw emotions and real love in your life. Let me get behind the lens while you stay present with your loved ones. Let me help you  be apart of the memory instead of you capturing the memory. 

Capturing moments from today...

Creating memories for a lifetime.

- Lindsey Bruno 

"We recently had the pleasure of working with Alexis for our family photoshoot, which included 17 people. From the moment we met her, Alexis exuded professionalism and warmth. What stood out the most was her incredible ability to make each individual family feel uniquely attended to, ensuring everyone was comfortable and at ease. Alexis went above and beyond to capture the essence of each family, showcasing her talent not only as a photographer but as an artist who understands the intricacies of personal connections. 

We are immensely grateful for Alexis's dedication, creativity, and genuine care. Her attention to detail and ability to bring out the best in each family member resulted in a collection of photos that we will cherish for a lifetime. If you're looking for a photographer who not only captures moments but creates art, Alexis is the one. Thank you for making our family memories so beautifully timeless!"

- Hayley Webster 

"We had the BEST experience shooting our family/engagement photos with Alexis. She is Extremely talented in what she does and the kindest. I am extremely happy with how our photos turned out and would recommend her to anyone!"

- Jule Cruz

"Alexis is amazing! She made me and my family feel so comfortable during our family maternity shoot and the photos captured our little family so beautifully. Love her and her work and I am definitely looking forward to working with her again."

-  J. Holbrook

Kind words